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Authentic Obagi Products: Trusted Online Retailers and Authorised Stockists

To ensure the authenticity of your Obagi product, it is crucial to purchase from authorised resellers. Although you might come across attractive offers and deals on other platforms, these may not be genuine products, potentially acquired through unauthorized channels and stored improperly. Unauthorised distributors may sell counterfeit Obagi products that are diluted, expired, or made with incorrect ingredients, leading to harmful effects on your skin. We cannot guarantee the quality or authenticity of non-authorised Obagi products.

To help you find genuine Obagi products, consider purchasing from the following known current online resellers:

Please be aware that products from unauthorised retailers can pose a danger to your health, as they might be diluted, expired, or imitated. Obagi does not endorse the ingredients, quality, storage, or handling of these items. Using unregulated products may hinder the results of procedures, cause allergic reactions, or lead to unwanted effects like infections or rashes. To find an official stockist, use the clinic finder linked on this website or contact us if you are unsure.

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