Post-Treatment Skin

The skin can be sensitive or irritated after peels, retinoids, AHAs, BHAs, etc. This is when the skin is highly sensitive and needs soothing, nourishing, calming products to aid in the recovery process.

Treatments or regimens involving peels, retinoids, AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), and BHAs (beta hydroxy acids), cause the skin to go through a period of acclimatisation and subsequent recovery. Below are some common post-procedure or utilisation side effects:

Peels: After a chemical peel, there may be redness, sensitivity, and peeling evident on the skin. This process reveals a fresher, smoother skin underneath.

Retinoids: When starting or increasing the strength of retinoids; redness, flakiness, dryness, and increased sensitivity is common. Over time, these side effects diminish, and the skin becomes clearer, smoother, and more radiant.

AHAs and BHAs: After using AHAs (e.g. glycolic acid) or BHAs (e.g. salicylic acid), the skin may experience mild irritation, redness, and increased sensitivity.

Obagi Rebalance Skin Barrier Recovery Cream is perfect for post-treatment care. Its advanced BarrierPlex™ Technology soothes and restores the skin’s natural balance, promoting faster recovery and optimal skin health.

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