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Obagi Challenge

Discover skin health transformations using Obagi systems in our UK & Ireland initiative ‘The Obagi Challenge’.

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The safety of, and duty of care to, your patients is our top priority. To further streamline the way in which we can deal with your Pharmacovigilance, Adverse Event and Product Complaint Reporting please fill in this form.

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Clever Clinic

Find out more about the Clever Clinic App for desktop and iPad, including: FAQs, Help Videos, 'How-to' Guides, Customer Support + more!

Obagi Consultation Pad

Designed to help provide your clients with custom, take home after care instructions to ensure they achieve the best results.

Obagi Videos

Watch a range of Obagi Videos online including SKINCLUSION and Obagi Blue Peel RADIANCE Training. Login to the Marketing Portal.

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Clinical Studies

These research materials are for qualified healthcare professionals only. These clinical studies may contain references to unlicensed medicines. Please refer to guidelines issued by the MHRA and your professional body to ensure compliance.

Obagi Clinical Guidance Document

Everything you need to know about working with Obagi in your practice.

Skin Histology Handout

Your consolidated reference point to aid consultations with your clients.

Blue Peel Radiance Workflow Brochure

Learn everything you need to know about offering Obagi’s Blue Peel Radiance in this comprehensive manual.

Obagi Cheat Sheet

Comprehensive descriptions, benefits, and ingredient lists for all Obagi Fx products, systems, and peels in one convenient cheat sheet.

Obagi Protocols

Protocols for Obagi Systems and Kits.

Obagi Facials

Protocol cards for 6 Obagi facials, including Blue Peel RADIANCE and NEW products.

Obagi Skintrinsiq Protocols

Protocols for Obagi Skintrinsiq.