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The Power of Blue Light & SPF (Sun Protection Factor)

Did you know blue light emitted by your mobile phone and computer screens can be damaging to your skin? Learn all about what blue light does and how to protect your skin going forward.

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What does Blue Light do?

It has been recently brought to light (pun intended) that blue light effects sleep more so than any other colour. Blue light blocks Melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy, therefore, it can mess with your body’s ability to prepare for a restful sleep.

Studies in the last year have shown that blue light generates reactive oxygen species that can cause inflammation, pigment changes and damage to collagen in your skin. So, if you are working from a computer or laptop, or known to be scrolling endlessly on your phone, you may find this can have an impact on your skin health over time and speed up the ageing process.

Beat the Blues

But don’t worry! There’s a way to prevent the harmful rays. Zinc Oxide works as a protective barrier as it reflects and physically blocks light. And guess what? Zinc Oxide is one of the key ingredients in Obagi Sun Shield SPF50, so your skin stays protected all day!

We can’t stress enough, you really should wear SPF all year round and have it as part of your everyday skincare routine to maximise protection, even in colder seasons. UV rays are emitted even on a cloudy day. Not only do they penetrate clouds, they can also reach below the water’s surface. Reflective surfaces such as snow and ice intensify UVB rays and their effects on the skin, which is why you can spot the seasonal skiers with goggle marks if they haven’t applied their SPF!

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